…and shes almost 5 :O

This makes me think about learning more and more specifically, more structured. I think it will be easier since Dane and Ky are (for part of their classwork) taking on teaching her. First of all, it helps me out a LOT. Secondly, they may think they know everything, but you and I know that they will probably learn something as well. Lastly, they will have a chance to be the teacher and that has so many benefits for them they will use years to come.

Enough chatting! I just found this great site called Preschool Post online. which combines a lesson plan for each letter of the alphabet with:

-Morning Circle Time
-Preschool Theme
-Letter of the Week
-Music & Movement
-Center Time Activities
-Snack Suggestion
-Thematic Craft
-Bible Theme
-Bible Verse
-Bible Song
-Optional Resources

We are really excited to use this resource for Laur and I think it looks like a great choice of material out there even if you just use bits and pieces.

It also seems wonderful for a co-op or sunday school class; I plan to use the memory verses with the boys as they teach it to her each week/lesson.

Thanks for checking this out!!

take care xoxo Wendi


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