Boosting Brainpower? improved memory? Try me!

As I was browsing the infinite internet to break up the mundane school planning….

planning as in clicking open dozens of tabs (I know I know….) printing new printable for my new planner, and trying to figure out how to home-school my boys who are a 19 months apart in life (2 years in school) together to help my sanity… I came across two articles about “boosting memory” and as I’m trying to grasp this concept through  my numb mind; I though, this post is for ME (and all those other homeschool parents, educators, hard-working, business people, students, non-working people, etc…) and I realized that probably a lot of people could also benefit from these posts.

The first article I read was this:

Brainpower Banner

and the second article I read was this:

Both have grand ideas and a little different take on the ways to improve memory/brainpower.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!!

Post below, which is your favorite idea, or which is one that you are going to try?



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